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Tips for getting through LAX more quickly

July 31, 2011 by

Anyone that is traveling from LAX will want to minimize the amount of time that they are queuing or standing around in the airport so that they can benefit from more time to actually enjoy the facilities at LAX airport and relax before the flight, particularly if the flight is a long one. Having plenty of time for a drink, a bite to eat, even a little shopping can be a much less stressful start to your holiday than rushing… read more »

Over $5 million for LAX improvements on hold


It has been reported that more than $5 million in funding to carry out repairs on the airfield at LAX International Airport has been frozen because Congress has failed to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration. Almost $5.1 million in federal funds had been allocated to the improvements but due to the failure of Congress to extend the FAA’s taxing and spending power for another year this has been put on hold. This also means that many employees with the FAA… read more »

LAX to get gourmet food truck in T4!


For anyone that travels in or out of LAX International Airport there are a number of options available when it comes to dining. A variety of dining establishments offer everything from snacks and drinks to more filling and exciting dishes for travelers to enjoy. However, pretty soon travelers will be able to enjoy munching on gourmet cuisine from the luxury of…a food truck! The food truck is set to come to Terminal 4 of the airport in late summer next… read more »

How to Survive Hectic Seasonal Traveling

July 29, 2011 by

There are so many more travelers during certain times of the year that traveling during those times can be downright hectic. If possible, you will want to avoid traveling during those hectic times, but that is not always possible. For example, if you live far away from your family, you will find that traveling during the holiday season is a must. If you have children of school age, then traveling when they are on break may be the only time… read more »

TSA officer indicted over LAX thefts

July 28, 2011 by

There has been a lot of unrest and controversy over the theft of travelers’ belongings at LAX airport at the hands of officers from the Transportation Security Administration. It has now been revealed that a TSA officer has been indicted on five charges of theft from passenger baggage at LAX. The officer, Paul Yashou, 38, of Torrance, was indicted by a federal grand jury over the theft of four watches as well as one prepaid debit card from the luggage… read more »

Enjoy the shopping facilities near LAX


If you are going to be flying out of LAX airport and need to do some last minute shopping before you get your flight there are a number of shopping facilities that are close to the airport. For those that are visiting LA and flying back home this is a great opportunity to pick up some last minute gifts and for those that live in LA and are jetting off on holidays this provides a chance to pick up some… read more »

Taking baggage through LAX

July 26, 2011 by

There are times when we have all been guilty of getting our luggage packed in preparation for a trip and trying to squeeze in everything short of the kitchen sink even though we are only traveling for a few days or a week! It is a natural instinct for most of us to become a little nervous about leaving things behind that we ‘might’ need while we are away. However, some people seem to forget that there are shops and… read more »

Fly to Shanghai direct from LAX with AA

July 21, 2011 by

The fabulous city of Shanghai in China is a vibrant, exciting, and unique metropolis. This is a place that many people visit each year and many others would love to travel to. For those that live in the Los Angeles area there is good news, as American Airlines has announced its new non-stop service between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). This will make it far easier and more convenient for locals from LA to… read more »

Enjoy reLAXing at LAX!


There are many people who have to travel to LAX airport in order to take friends or family members who are getting a flight from the airport, or to pick up loved ones that are due to land at the airport. This is an unenviable job that is not generally a very relaxing one for the person who is doing the dropping off and picking up, but this needn’t be the case. The reLAX lounge at LAX airport is a… read more »

Leave yourself time to enjoy LAX

July 20, 2011 by

Anyone that is planning to fly out from LAX airport should enjoy the hosted facilities and amenities offered for travelers enjoyment before jetting off on their journeys. LAX airport offers a huge range of facilities to enjoy, and it can be a shame for passengers to have to miss out on them. Many people that are traveling from the airport end up failing to plan their journey properly and getting to the airport at the last minute, which means rushing… read more »