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Getting Through Airport Security Quickly

August 16, 2011 by

If you have ever traveled via airplane, you know the hassle of getting through airport security. If you have never flown before, then you have most likely heard horror stories about getting through airport security. It can certainly be a headache, especially with the restrictions, rules and regulations put into effect over the past few years. However, if you know how the whole airport security system works, you can actually get through quite smoothly. It does not require rocket science. With a few tips and tricks, you can get through airport security in a matter of minutes.

Shoes Are a Big Deal

You will be required to take off your shoes so that they can go through the x-ray machine. If you wear shoes that are hard to take off, this can definitely slow you down. The best option is to choose easy to remove and replace shoes, like step-ins. Lace up shoes can be quite a hassle since you will have to stop, unlace them, and then take them off.

Watch Out for the Accessories

You will also have to take off belts. These items will need to be placed through the x-ray machine too. Unless you absolutely must wear a belt, you can save a great deal of time by choosing to leave it at home or pack it in your checked luggage. Speaking of accessories, jewelry can slow the process down too. You will be required to take off all jewelry from earrings to necklaces to bracelets and rings. If you leave jewelry at home or limit the amount you wear, you can save time.

Watch Out for Your Pockets

You will have to empty your pockets into an x-ray bin. The more you carry in your pockets, the more you will have to empty and replace. If you can limit what you carry in your pockets to the airport to only the bare essentials, this can help speed the process quite a bit.

Electronics and What to Do With Them

Whenever you carry electronics onto the plane, you will have to take them out of their cases. This holds true of cameras, laptops and any other electronic item you may have with you. In fact, there is a specific rule about laptops. You will need to remove the laptop from its case, place the laptop in a bin all by itself and then leave the laptop case open in another bin. If you already have a good idea of what you will need to remove from cases, you will find it much easier to get prepared in that airport security line.

Understand what is Deemed a Dangerous Item

There are many dangerous items that will not be allowed on the airplane. If you try to bring any of them with you, you may find yourself subject to more security searches. To avoid this, leave dangerous items like knives and cigarette lighters at home.

If you keep all of this in mind, you can get through airport security quite quickly and easily. You do not have to deal with a headache that you may have heard of.