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Ways You Can Save Money for Airport Parking

January 2, 2011 by

Going on vacation is expensive. You have to pay for the hotel room, and you don’t want to stay in just any hotel. That means you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for your stay. Then there was your flight. Even though you’re flying coach, you’re still paying quite a bit for that ticket. That means that if you want to eat well, buy souvenirs, and really enjoy your vacation, you’re going to have to be careful with how much money you spend on other areas of your vacation — such as airport parking. There are, however, ways to park your car, save money,and enjoy that vacation you deserve!

First of all, do your research! Go online and search for airport parking connection to find off-airport parking options that best fit your needs. Whether you are looking for JFK parking, LGA airport parking, Newark airport parking, or even LAX parking, there is always an operator that will suit your best. A lot of airports charge more money for parking lots that are closer to the gates than they do for parking lots that are further away. If that’s not what interest you, check theairport’s website for their parking rates for short and long-term lots. If it’s a sizeable airport, they might also offer a shuttle to get you and your luggage from your car to the airport. However, chances are that their rates are much higher than if you reserve parking at airport parking connection. While you’re at it, ask about discounts. If you’ve been a AAA member for several years now, you could continue to get a lot of great discounts.

Off-site parking is great because you can pay a shuttle fee and a less expensive parking fee rather than a large daily fee through the actual airport. This saves you a decent chunk of change, and you avoid dragging your suitcase and carry-on across the parking lot. Check our Locations Directory to see where the off-site parking is in relation to the airport as well as how much each lot operator will cost. Research money will save you money when you travel.

To really save money, ask a friend to drop you off rather than drive yourself and leave your car. Of course, you’ll have to have a friend to pick you up too, but what are friends for? Plus, when you don’t drive your own car to the airport, you don’t have to leave your beloved vehicle in a strange place. Save money and earn some peace of mind.

And now you have even more airport options! A lot of towns offer shuttle busses that take you to your desired airport. You buy a shuttle ticket for a small price, and get a ride! You can also take a cab to your local airport, depending on where you live.

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