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Things you should always have in hand at LAX

October 14, 2011 by

Traveling through LAX International Airport can be quite an experience for both first time and seasoned travelers. This is a hugely busy airport and the last thing that you want when you are traveling through the airport is to be rummaging around every five minutes to get to the things that you need. It is important to make sure that you pack the right way when heading to LAX so that you are able to get to what you need… read more »

Checking you’re good to go before heading to LAX

October 11, 2011 by

The last thing that any traveler wants before they head out on their travels from LAX International Airport is to discover when they arrive at the airport that they have forgotten something that they needed. Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure you need to ensure that you are properly organized when you are getting ready for your trip, as this can save you a lot of time, hassle, and worry. Amongst the most important things that you need… read more »

Head out on a beach vacation from LAX


If there is one thing that most people love to do it is to relax and unwind amidst beautiful surroundings and in a warm and wonderful atmosphere without having to think about the stresses and strains of everyday life…and what better place to do this than on some fabulous beach overlooking the sparkling ocean and enjoying the golden sunshine. If a beach vacation is something that you would like to enjoy then you’ll be pleased to know that there are… read more »

Being flexible with your travel from LAX


If you are planning to fly out from LAX on vacation but have not yet booked your vacation you could really benefit from being flexible with regards to where you go and when you travel. Some people decide that they want to go on vacation and rather than booking specific days off work they take a look at what cheap deals are available and then book their time off work accordingly. In other cases people who want to enjoy a… read more »

Chemicals seized at LAX

October 4, 2011 by

In one of a number of recent similar incidents, officials at LAX International Airport have recently seized a shipment of chemicals which are known to be used for the production of methamphetamine. According to reports forty drums containing 2200 pounds of methylamine hydrochloride and two barrels with 880 pounds of ethyl phenyl acetate were seized. The shipment was said to have come from a Chinese company and was headed for Illinois. Officials have not given the name of the companies… read more »

Compare deals for the best vacation offers

October 3, 2011 by

As many people know, going on vacation can be a costly business these days, and in the current financial climate where people are having to cut back on their spending it has become more and more important to seek out the best deals in order to enjoy a more affordable vacation. You will find all aspects of your vacation can vary in cost quite considerably based on a number of factors. If you are flying out from LAX you will… read more »

What sort of vacation should you go on?


Going on vacation can be extremely exciting and fun, and if you are traveling from LAX International Airport you will have an excellent choice of destinations to choose from in exciting places all around the world. However, before you book your vacation you need to work out where you want to go, and this is where some people struggle. While some people go to the same place year in and year out for their vacation many others prefer to go… read more »

Kitson to open first airport boutique next year

September 28, 2011 by

For fans of boutique shopping who also happen to travel a lot to and from LAX International Airport, there is some good news on the horizon for next year in the form of the first airport boutique retail outlet from Kitson. The Los Angeles boutique chain is set to add a touch of glamor to the LAX airport shopping scene when it opens the doors of its elegant boutique. The grand opening will take place on New Year’s Day 2012,… read more »

August sees LAX passenger traffic increase


Over recent months LAX International Airport has provided ongoing data and information with regards to passenger levels compared to last year. Figures that were released earlier this month have shown that passenger numbers for August have continued to increase, even with the summer season coming to an end. August saw around 5.9 million travelers passing through the international hub that is LAX International Airport. Compared to the same period last year, this reflected an increase in passenger numbers of around… read more »

Woman arrested over pointing laser at plane flying into LAX

September 25, 2011 by

According to recent reports a twenty seven year old woman from Compton has been arrested after being accused of pointing a laser at a plane that was landing at LAX International Airport. She was arrested on Friday after it was alleged that she pointed a laser at an occupied aircraft. The commercial plane was landing at LAX at the time of the incident and according to reports the Sheriff’s helicopter crew that was investigating the incident were also hit by… read more »