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Chemicals seized at LAX

October 4, 2011 by

In one of a number of recent similar incidents, officials at LAX International Airport have recently seized a shipment of chemicals which are known to be used for the production of methamphetamine. According to reports forty drums containing 2200 pounds of methylamine hydrochloride and two barrels with 880 pounds of ethyl phenyl acetate were seized.

The shipment was said to have come from a Chinese company and was headed for Illinois. Officials have not given the name of the companies that were involved and the chemicals were seized and destroyed, with no arrests being made. Officials also said that this sort of incident had become more and more common when it came to shipments from China.

It is claimed that the shipment had been red flagged before it arrived at LAX and the company involved claimed to be shipping the chemicals. However, the company did not have the necessary permissions to ship the controlled substances. It was said to be a 1 1/2-ton shipment of chemicals that was intercepted by authorities.

Customs and Border Protection spokesman Jaime Ruiz stated: “It is a huge amount of a highly flammable, corrosive chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine.”