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Five reasons to opt for offsite parking at LAX

May 31, 2011 by

For many people there is a real issue when it comes to travelling to and from LAX airport when they are off on their travels. There are many people that consider taking their own vehicles to the airport so that they are in control and are able to drive themselves to and from the airport, but the thought of having to pay costly charges for parking can put them off. On the other hand, those that think about getting a cab or relying on friends or family to get them there have the worry have having to rely on someone else to get them there and often don’t want to put friends or family members out.


There is an alternative solution for those who are keen to take their own vehicle to the airport but do not want to pay costly onsite parking charges, and this is to opt for offsite parking, which offers the convenience and ease of local parking without the high prices. There are a number of benefits to choosing offsite parking facilities at LAX and this includes:


1.     With offsite lax parking you can enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle will be at a secure parking facility whilst you are away so you do not have to worry things like damage to your vehicle or theft


2.     The cost of parking at an offsite facility close to LAX is considerably lower than the cost of parking onsite at the airport, which means that you can still have the control and convenience of driving yourself to the airport but you won’t have to pay the high cost expected to leave your vehicle on the airport car park


3.     When you leave your car at a secure offsite facility you are provided with a complementary shuttle to take you right to the airport ready to go in and check yourself in, so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight and finding your own way to the terminals after parking the car


4.     When you return from your trip you can get the free shuttle from the airport back to the offsite parking facility, which means you can get back to your vehicle quickly, easily, and without any hassle


5.     The offsite parking facilities are conveniently located to LAX, which means that with the free shuttle it will take next to no time to get to the airport after leaving your vehicle.


The key reasons why so many people these days are choosing offsite LAX parking is because of the great value and convenience that this offers, which reduced the need to have to pay out more money to park onsite at the airport.