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Getting value for money on LAX parking

May 31, 2011 by

There are millions of people that travel from LAX airport each year, and many of them prefer to be able to drive to the airport in their own vehicle rather than having to rely on other people or get cabs to the airport. However, the issue that arises amongst those that drive to the airport is where to park.


Whilst LAX does offer parking facilities for travellers, which are located onsite, this can prove very costly, which can be difficult for those that are on a budget but who still wish to get to the airport in their own vehicle. Taking your own vehicle to LAX can save you a lot of hassle, as it means that you don’t have to wait around for cabs to get to and from the airport and you don’t have to stress about organizing a lift from someone else.


In order to enjoy value for money on lax parking whilst still being able to enjoy the convenience and ease of driving yourself to and from the airport you can consider offsite parking. With offsite parking you are able to leave your vehicle at a secure local parking facility for the duration of your trip. The cost of parking offsite is much cheaper than onsite parking, which means big savings for travellers.


In addition to saving money on your parking you are able to benefit from a complementary shuttle from the parking facility to LAX airport, which means that you can arrive at the airport ready for your flight in comfort and on time. Upon your return you can get the complementary shuttle back to the parking facility and collect your car without any hassle or stress involved.