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LAX parking FAQ

June 2, 2011 by

Millions of people who travel through LAX airport each year are concerned about parking facilities. Below are some frequently asked questions with regards to parking in and around LAX:


Can I park my vehicle onsite at LAX?

Yes, as an international airport LAX offers onsite parking facilities for its passengers to use when they are traveling from the airport.

Is it expensive to park onsite?

Parking onsite at LAX can be costly and is considerably more expensive than parking at a nearby car parking facility that is not actually onsite.

Are there offsite parking facilities?

Yes, you can leave your car at a secure local offsite parking facility where is will remain until you return from your trip and come to collect it to drive back to your chosen destination.

What are the benefits of choosing offsite parking?

The main benefit of choosing an offsite parking facility rather than parking onsite at LAX is the price. The cost of offsite parking can be far lower than the price of parking onsite, which means that you can make big savings yet still enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle has been left at a secure parking facility close to the airport

How will I get to the airport from an offsite facility?

The other great thing about using a good offsite parking facility is that you are provided with complementary shuttle access to get to LAX airport in time for your flight. When you return to the airport after your trip you can also get the complementary shuttle back to the parking facility to collect your vehicle.