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LAX Parking Options for Travelers

July 14, 2011 by

LAX Parking Offsite Structure
For travelers that are jetting out on vacation or on a business trip from LAX, there are a number of transport options available in terms of getting to and from the airport. Travelers can look at using public transport to get to and from the airport, getting a ride from a friend or relation, using a cab firm, or driving themselves to and from LAX Airport.

Many people decide to do the latter, as using a cab can be costly, opting for public transport can result in time issues if the transport is delayed, and asking friends and relations means inconveniencing someone else, which many people prefer not to do. However, when it comes to taking your own vehicle to and from LAX one of the issues that can crop up is LAX parking. The cost of parking will depend on a number of things such as where you park and how long you are leaving your vehicle for.

For those who want the comfort and convenience of taking their own vehicles to LAX and leaving them there so that they can get back home with ease after landing back at LAX there are a couple of options when it comes to parking.

These are as follows:

Onsite LAX parking: LAX, like other international airports, offers onsite parking for travelers. While the onsite parking does offer convenience due to its proximity to the terminals it can be a costly option for those that are looking to keep their budged reined in as much as possible. Onsite parking means that you can leave your car secure and within easy reach of the terminal. However, the cost can be off-putting for some people.

Offsite LAX parking: Another option for those that decide that they will drive to and from LAX is to choose offsite parking facilities, which offer security as well as affordability. These offer much lower prices than the onsite LAX airport parking facilities and in addition offer excellent security and peace of mind. They are also within easy reach of LAX airport, which means that you can get to LAX to make your flight in plenty of time. Better still, they also offer free regular shuttles to and from LAX, which means that after you have dropped off your car you can simply take the shuttle to the terminal. When you land back at LAX you can once again benefit from the free shuttle back to the LAX parking facility in order to collect your car.