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Passengers evacuated from LAX terminal

October 8, 2011 by

According to recent reports a number of passengers had to be evacuated from Terminal 6 at LAX International Airport recently after a small fire broke out. The fire is said to have broken out in an elevator that was under construction at the airport.

It was reported that debris from the construction, which was in the elevator shaft, was accidentally ignited by a welder. A number of firefighters were sent to the terminal at around 8:36am and put the fire out in less than fifteen minutes after they arrived.

After the fire was put out smoke continued to linger at the terminal and fans had to be used to try and clear the air. A large number of both employees of the airport and passengers had to be evacuated following the incident and were sent to a secure part of the terminal.

Passengers who were evacuated were not screened again before boarding their flights as this was deemed unnecessary by authorities. According to officials there were no flight delays that occurred as a result of the incident. Firefighters said that the fire was in a non-public area and was a small fire.