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Picking up passengers now more convenient at LAX

June 9, 2011 by

For the many people that drive to LAX to pick up passengers, such as friends and family, that are arriving here, things have recently become a little more convenient and simple. This is because LAX now enables those picking people up to wait for free in a Cell Phone Waiting Lot which is located at the intersection of 96th Street and Vicksburg Avenue in Westchester.

This convenient new lot opened at the end of April and has twenty five spaces for waiting vehicles. As demand grows there is capacity for additional space to be created according to the airport. Those using the facility will have to wait in their vehicles until the person that they are picking up arrives.

Because the lot is situated in an area that is highly visible to passing traffic it provides additional security for those waiting in their vehicles. It is thought that the new facility, which replaced the 79 space cell phone waiting lot at 9011 Airport Boulevard, will make it much easier for people to pick up arriving passengers at LAX with minimal hassle and inconvenience.

LAX does also offer dedicated parking for those that prefer to drive themselves to the airport and leave their car whilst they are on their travel, so that they can simply go back to their own vehicle when they land back at LAX. However, as this can be quite costly some prefer to use the offsite parking facilities, which are cheaper and offer free shuttles to and from the airport.