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How to Save Money When Traveling

June 14, 2011 by

Traveling is costly and keeps getting more expensive all the time.  Not only have airfare prices gone up, but everything associated with travel has been on the rise.  There are some ways to save money as well as some ways to avoid extra charges. Airfare Try to save money on your airfare by purchasing your ticket well in advance.  Check with the travel agent to find out about any special fares that you may qualify for.  Be sure to ask… read more »

Five reasons to opt for offsite parking at LAX

May 31, 2011 by

For many people there is a real issue when it comes to travelling to and from LAX airport when they are off on their travels. There are many people that consider taking their own vehicles to the airport so that they are in control and are able to drive themselves to and from the airport, but the thought of having to pay costly charges for parking can put them off. On the other hand, those that think about getting a… read more »